Compost Bin

Compost Factory

  • €469.00

Manufactured from pressure treated redwood, this compost bin will take all your household waste.

Successful organic gardeners rely on compost to improve soil’s fertility and moisture management, nourish helpful soil microbes, and inoculate against destructive ones. This three-bin system is a compost factory that efficiently pumps out heaps of finished black gold in just weeks, rather than the months you wait for the hands-off approach to work. Made from rot-resistant redwood, our ultimate compost bin features removable front planks, and a clean look that allows for good air movement. You can build it in just a few hours. Imagine, no more bin charges !

Delivered to your door.

How to work the three-bin system:

Fill bin #1, then turn the contents from the full to the empty bin (#2) every few days (the more often, the faster the decomposition). Begin filling the other empty bin (#3) with fresh materials. When bin #3 is full, bin #2 is “finished,” and you have an empty bin (#1) to start the process over.