Benefits of Wheelie Bin Covers

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A guide to Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie bins are a daunting task and a part of life. With most councils now offering additional bins for recycling household and garden waste, along with boxes for specific recyclables, the typical home will have multiple garden bins.

Thanks to an increasing range of garden storage solutions, no longer must our beloved bins be left to spoil the garden. Here’s some of the ways your garden can benefit from using a wheelie bin store.  

Benefits of Concealing Your Bins & Recycle Boxes

Improved Kerb Appeal

Although extremely useful, wheelie bins don’t provide a great amount of aesthetic appeal. Many homes suffer from lack of access to the rear garden, meaning household bins are stuck out on the drive or in the front garden for all to see.  

Garden stores provide the perfect solution, disguising your unsightly council bins whilst providing effortless disposal.

As they say, first impressions are critical and this is no truer when it comes to selling your property. Conceal those wheelie bins to achieve a more appealing front of house photo on those online listings. You never know, it might just increase viewings. See more here.

Protection against High Winds

It doesn’t matter where you live, strong gusts of wind can knock over the heaviest of wheelie bins and there’s nothing worse than having to collect last week’s takeaway tray from halfway down the street!

Most wooden wheelie bin covers provide adequate protection against the force of nature. For coastal properties and locations prone to gale force winds, the wooden cover can be fixed to the floor or fastened against the wall for maximum durability.


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